How much do I give?
Many times we tend to look at the size of the gift or the goodness of the cause. But Jesus measured generosity by a different standard: the condition of the giver’s heart. The best place to begin is by giving 10 percent of your income, which was modeled for us in the Old Testament. Some may want to start with more or less, but it’s often best to begin with a set percentage on a regular basis. Key things to do before giving:

  • Ask God for direction.
  • Choose a percentage and commit to it.
  • Remember everything you have belongs to God—the act of giving is simply offering back to God what is already his.


What is the best way to give?
We believe that online giving is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to give. It’s automatic, secure and immediately reflected in your giving record.


Can I designate my giving to a specific campus, ministry or fund?

Each ministry at Greater Friendship is funded through either our General Fund or our Campaign Fund. We ask you to fund Greater Friendship through either of those two funds. The church staff and board carefully consider how our funds will be distributed among our ministries in a way that keeps our mission and most important values at the forefront. It is important to designate which fund you would like your contributions to go to; if not designated, gifts will be attributed to the general fund.


How can I receive offering envelopes?
Envelopes are not necessary when giving with a check; checks can simply be dropped in the secure giving boxes and we’ll make sure it’s matched to your account. If you want to receive offering envelopes, please contact us with your request and address.


Why do we accept credit cards?
Used responsibly, credit and debit cards are an efficient tool for payments and purchases today. Many people utilize them in place of checks or cash throughout the month and then pay the balance off in full. For these people, we offer the option to give using a credit or debit card. We strongly discourage those who have ongoing credit card debt from exercising this option.